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Different Types of Abortion

We all know what abortion really is. However, do you know about the different types of abortion? Yes, abortion can be of different types. Understanding the different types of abortion will help you understand the problems related to abortion today.

Firstly, let us answer why abortion is done.

To terminate an unwanted pregnancy, abortions are done. Depending upon the availability of health care facilities, the socio-economic status, the gestation period and the overall health of the female patient, different methods of abortions are available.

The most important factor in determining the method of abortion is the gestation period. Statistics reveal that more than 60 percent of abortions take place during the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period, abortions can be safe and the post-operative complications are also rare. However, if the abortion is done at the later stages of pregnancy, it can even prove to be fatal for the mother.

Broadly, abortions can be divided into two categories: misoprostol bolivia medical and surgical.

Medical methods of abortion

In the medical method, no surgical procedure or intervention is done. Medicines are used to terminate pregnancy. These medicines are effective in terminating the pregnancy up to 8-9 weeks only. This implies that these medicines are useful if they are taken within 8-9 weeks from the time of a female’s last day of menstruation. After this period, the effectiveness of these drugs decreases and one has to opt for the surgical methods of abortion. Regarding the availability of these drugs, they can be freely available in some countries, whereas in others they are not available over the counter and can be bought only after the gynecologist’s prescription.

Surgical methods of abortion

All surgical methods of abortion need intervention and need a hospital based set up for this. Again, depending upon the stage of pregnancy, the methods of surgical intervention differ. If the pregnancy is up to 16 weeks, then medicinal pills can be taken for abortion. Another technique called aspiration. In this vacuum aspiration, suction aspiration or dilation and aspiration can be done. However, if the female is in the latter half of the second trimester of her pregnancy, then usually gynecologists go for dilation and evacuation.

If the woman decides to unergo abortion, it should be done as soon as possible. This is because even the surgical methods of abortion can be performed only till the 24th week of pregnancy, not beyond that. Undergoing aboortion after the 24th week of pregnancy can prove fatal for the pregnant woman.

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