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How to Get Any Women You Want – How the Bad Guy Gets Girl

I believe we men would all like to have a nice list and choice over beautiful women who to go out with. Unfortunately I see every single day how guys mess up every chance they have with women, by doing wrong things. If you don’t have super hot women in your life right now, then I have to tell you the truth – you might be one of these guys who are messing up.

And let me tell you, you can change the success you have with women dramatically by learning what women want and need. Not over night but step by step, you’ll be amazed over the results.

I used to be a guy like you, I did not know a thing about women psychology. I was able to get beautiful women call girls in lahore on the date, but later I lost every single girl by communicating the wrong things.

Because of this I was never able to create long lasting relationships, because women saw me as a friend material, rather than a boyfriend. I was not the guy who gets girl. But this has changed for good.

There is two types of men for women.

1) The guy who thinks that he is not good enough for her. Because of this he is trying to compensate this by buying gifts, taking her to expensive restaurants, doing everything to please her, making her more important than himself, trying to do everything not to assault her, agrees mostly on her opinions, and the list goes on. This guy never gets a hot girl into relationship unless hes a superstar or a multimillionaire. This is the guy who girls call when they mess up with the real men. This is the guy who is a provider, not a real men material.

2) The bad guy who knows the game and is the real man- and gets the girl. This is the man that women run after. This is the guy who women call and dream about. This guy does not need to have much money, he does not need to look handsome, he does not buy her expensive gift etc.

As you can see, the second guy gets girl by because of his own personality, the other one has to buy gifts as a provider.

All this because the second one gives women what they need and really want – the real man in his personality. He does not need to give compliments to her, or please her. What he does is being a best men for himself, not for the ladies. This is the guy who gets girl.

The good news is, you can be the second type of man who women dream about, even If you have messed up with every single girl so far. You need to learn how to communicate this way to let women know that you are the “bad” guy who gets girl.

I have taught hundreds of men how to get the girls of their dreams. I’ve seen fat little guys going from having no dates to having girls calling them all the time. This is how powerful are the methods what evoke women psychology.

I don’t know about your dating situation right now, If you are the natural guy who gets girl, or you are the one who would like to improve your dating life into the guy who gets every girl. In both cases you need to boost your success with women. It is up to you to reach higher levels in your dating life and trough this influence overall life quality.


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