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How To Get The Best Golf Club Fitting

Club fitting can be a quick and easy way for you to improve your golf game. If you are looking for a driver, a hybrid or an entire set of irons, what questions should you ask to make sure you are happy with your club fitting for a new golf club or golf clubs? Your golf equipment is very personal choice for you and as long as your clubs work for you, that is all that matters. No matter your skill level, you must like the club head design when you take your set up. If you do not feel like you can make a good swing with a club, you probably will not. What else should you consider when looking for new golf equipment? Here are a few more ideas.

1. With all of the golf club offerings available, you need to acknowledge your skill level. Each golf club manufacturer has offerings for low to high handicappers. As a high handicap golfer, you need to become familiar with the center of gravity or the CG of the club. You will want a low center of gravity as this will help you get the golf ball into the air and typically results in more distance. The golf club manufacturers lower the center of gravity by moving weight around on or within the club head. With an iron head, the CG will be lowered by using perimeter weighting on a set of irons. It is harder to see how the CG is manipulated in most drivers, as the manufactures relocate weight inside the head of the driver. The lower your golf handicap, the center of gravity can get higher in the club head. A higher center of gravity will allow you to intentionally hit golf shots which make the ball move left or right.

2. It is important that you are able to hit the clubs off of real turf and see the entire ball flight during a golf club fitting before you decide to purchase. In addition, buy your clubs briansclub from a PGA Professional that will use a launch monitor during your club fitting. The launch monitor will reveal such statistics such as swing speed and the golf ball’s spin rate. This will allow the club fitter to find the correct shaft for you.

3. How do I find a qualified club fitter? I would retort with how do you find other professionals like doctors, dentists, etc.? Ask other fellow golfers, your friends and co-workers about experiences they had had good or bad. Also contact local golf shops and ask to speak to a qualified fitter. Ask him or her how the process of the club fitting will go and make sure you are comfortable with the professional. Once you have found your golf club fitter, it is important that you armed with the proper questions to ask your fitter. In addition, remember the fitter is there to help you so do not be afraid to ask any question you might have. The proper questions to ask prior to or during your club fitting are as follows:

o Which certifications does the potential club fitter have from the manufacturers that you are interested in purchasing?

o Do not be afraid to ask the club fitter how much experience they have with club fitting and how often they currently do it.

o Will the club fitting take place indoors into a net with a launch monitor or will the club fitting take place outdoors and in turn will be able to see the entire ball flight?

o During the club fitting, will we be using a fitting cart from the brand that I am looking to purchase?

o Is the cost of the club fitting included in the cost of the purchase or is there an additional charge for the session?

o What will happen during the club fitting session? How will the professional come to the final measurements for your new golf clubs? Before you leave the fitting session, make sure understand the logic the club fitter used to determine your final results.

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