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How To Wear a Leather Jacket with Style

Leather jackets are such a classic leather jackets and versatile item of clothing that never goes out of style. It’s a ‘must’ staple that you must have if you don’t already own one. You can make a bold statement about your choice of style with this jacket so choose the one that is right for you. If you are in need of some advice regarding which one to choose, look no further. You can use this Leatherings leather jacket guide to help you decide which one is best for you.Different Leather Jacket Styles

Style matters. A leather jacket should suit you best and match the clothes you already have. You should choose black as it goes with everything, so you will get the most use out of your jacket, otherwise try brown. Keep your outfit simple by pairing it with neutral colors. Leather jackets are a bold statement type of clothing, so make sure you have the confidence to back them up.Bomber Leather Jacket

Back in the day, mens bomber jackets with fur collar were made as pilots’ aviator jackets. They’re usually quite simple in style, with the focus mainly on the shape, cinching at the waist and wrists. 

This is great for going to a ball game with your friends or going out for lunch during the day. This type of aviator jacket can be combined in many different ways to create unique looks. It has become an increasingly popular style in recent years, and we’re not surprised as to why.Biker Leather Jacket

Leather Biker Jackets were originally designed for motorcyclists as their cropped style allowed them to lean over their bikes without the fastenings digging into their bodies. Simply wearing this jacket gives you more edge. 

A biker jacket can be more eye-catching since it has more features, such as buckles, zips, poppers and more, and almost always features a collar with large lapels that can be folded over or snapped down. This jacket looks slick at night or daytime, whether you’re out walking or going out for drinks.Racer Leather Jacket

It was originally designed for one thing, to race. Many men began racing motorbikes between the local pubs and cafes after World War II, which created the need for minimalist genuine leather jackets that would provide enough protection at the back with a strong zipper at the front. A racer jacket tends to be slimmer and have a tiny amount of detail, like just that front zip. They tend to flatter the body and flatter ‘minimalist’ style, especially for those who have big shoulders.Flight Jacket

A flight jacket was originally created to keep pilots warm with a shearling lining. Wearing the jacket today is not limited to pilots; average men wear them as well, making it both practical and stylish. During the colder months, it’s a requirement to wear them, because they’ll keep you warm while looking good, at the same time. Wear a light gauge knit and plain trousers while keeping it simple. Do not go overboard with layers.Field Jacket

Field jackets were originally created for military wear. Originally made from cotton drill fabric, it has been updated to leather. In addition to having multiple pockets, this leather jacket can also be longer in length than others. With the field jacket, you aren’t playing around. It’s a serious fashion statement. Occasionally, this leather jacket will look more luxurious and have a more snug fit than what you would find in your closet.

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