What to Look For When Buying an English Bulldog

You can go online or look through the local newspaper and see adverts offering bulldogs for sale. It’s so important for potential owners to do their research and make sure they are purchasing a well-bred dog that will not cost them a Affordable french bulldog fortune in the long run.

English bulldogs are popular because of their short and stock bodies and number of wrinkles on their nose. What most people don’t realize is that these dogs are prone to breathing difficulties and it’s so important that you learn as much as you can before answering any adverts for bulldogs for sale.

The best place to start your search, if you know about the breed and have decided to add one of these beautiful dogs into your family is in the local area and online. Find a number of breeders and get their name before going on the English bulldog forums and asking owners and experienced handlers about the breeders you have available to you.

Be wary if they don’t want to welcome you into their home or won’t let you see the mom and dad. You want to meet the parents of the puppies to make sure that they have a friendly temperament and are in good condition.

Because this breed of dog only has a limited number of puppies per pregnancy, you may find the breeder has a large number of women to men. Pet them all and see what they are like and how they looked after.

You are looking for feel which feel like sandpaper and not soft feel. A dog that goes for regular walks will have sandpaper paws, a sign they are part of the family and given the care and attention they deserve.

Also be sure to check the puppy’s nostrils. You may have your heart set on one puppy, but if it has pinched nostrils move to another puppy. Ideally they should have flared nostrils and not too many wrinkles, reducing the risk of breeding problems as they get older.

See which of the puppies run up to greet you and which just lie there or even shy away. These dogs come with a range of temperaments and you want to choose one that will best meet your family. If the puppy runs up to greet you, pushing all their brothers and sisters out-of-the-way. If they just lie there, make sure they are healthy, they may just be stubborn or lazy, both traits found in these dogs.

Take note on whether the breeder asks you questions. The breeder as interested in you as you are in them and their puppies. They should ask relevant questions based on why you want an English bulldog and your living conditions.

A good breeder will only sell puppies to approved homes that they believe is the right match for the dog. If the breeder doesn’t ask questions and just wants you to choose a puppy and pay a deposit, be wary, ensuring you is making the right choice.

These dogs a great addition to any family with the right love, care and training.