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World of Warcraft – Tailoring Basics Or How Not to Screw Up

I’ve found tailoring in World of Warcraft to be one of the most rewarding professions you could select. Some of the products you can make are actually valuable, so you could (possible, maybe) make some money, and if you’re a cloth wearing-class — you should be — then you can craft yourself some pretty nice gear unavailable otherwise, since some items are “Bind on Pickup”

Here are a few tips concerning Tailoring in World of Warcraft

Pick your second profession with care. By “care”, I mean “pick enchanting”. You will be able to disenchant all the low-level items you craft to level up your tailoring skill, earning you some materials to create enchants for you and your guild mates. As you level goes up, so does the power of the enchantments you can cast. You will also be able to sell the enchanting materials on the Auction House for A LOT MORE than you could have sold the items you disenchanted, if you could have sold them at all. “Strange Dust” sells a lot better than “Brown Linen Robes”, believe you me.

Keep Your Cloth. I know that you think you need every copper of WoW currency you can get you hands on, but resist the temptation to sell stacks of linen, wool, silk or anything else. Keep the cloth, turn them into bolts, craft items and disenchant them. A note concerning First Aid: use only enough cloth to level your skill, not a piece more. First Aid is valuable only to you (i.e. not valuable in terms of WoW Gold) while Enchanting is valuable to everyone (i.e. cash-generating machine)

Don’t Buy Recipes Willy-Nilly. Don’t go to the Auction House buying every single Tailoring recipe you don’t have. Do some research and only buy the ones that will a) help level up your skill or b) produce something valuable.

Have a Cloth Wearing Class. Those are Mages Buy wow gold , Priests and Warlocks. This one should be obvious. I’ve mentioned it earlier, but I’ll repeat it here. Of course, you can be a Paladin or a Warrior and still be a Tailor, but you’ll miss out on good gear that you could craft for yourself.

Make Bags. Not only will making bags level up your tailoring skill — up to a point — they are one of the few crafted items that are actually worth your while. Did you see what so-called “Bag Vendors” sell their lousy 10-slot bags for? They should be called “Bag Thieves”, “Bag Extortionists” or “Bag Profiteers”, but instead they go by the milder and inaccurate “Bag Vendor” label. My point is that bags sell really fast and really well. Everyone needs them. Quick note: crafted items that sell for more than the materials are worth at the Auction House are few and far between. Bags sell consistently for about the price of the materials, often for more, so they are a cheap way to level your skill. It will not make you rich.


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